Sir Simon's first bath in ole swim hole

Photograph by Joseph Zulkowsky

 Our goats are the foundation of the community farm.  They produce in abundance and provide us with

fresh milk that is being processed into wonderful goat cheeses, yogurt, and kefir. 

Animals Galore!

To be able to come to the farm in the early morning and be greeted by all the animals is a joy!  They depend on us for all their needs and it is simply a pleasure to work with them.  

Daufuskie Community Farm & Artisan Village

Rich and Gayle coddling kids!

A goat stampede....everyday for dinner!

Goober sounding the alarm


Tired Goats!

Photographs by

Joseph Zulkowsky

Farm Life

 This is where the volunteers of the farm shine!  They rotate in milking and chores to provide for the animals and in turn reap the rewards of wonderful products!