Wwoofers at work!  with Farm Managers

The new Garden Managers, Sharon & Dave Pulcini, and Bill Crabtree are working together sharing garden duties and management and doing a great job. The gardens have risen to a new level with beautiful planters and abundant vegetation.

Sharon is originally from the Berkshires of Massachusetts and Dave from Central Connecticut. They met in college in Rhode Island and married a few years later. Sharon worked in the accounting field for over 30 years while Dave ran his own business.

They have a 29-year-old son who lives in the Boston area and a 27-year-old daughter who resides in Virginia Beach. They have a home in central Connecticut in addition to living on this beautiful island!
"We enjoy warm weather, beaches, gardening and meeting new people." 





Daufuskie Community Farm & Artisan Village

Wwoofing on Daufuskie!
Over the last couple years we have had the privilege of getting to know over 65 "Wwoofers" from places all over the world like France, Scotland, New Zealand, Canada, 
and up to 30 different states in the USA. 
"Worldwide opportunities organic farming" is a volunteer organization. 
Learn more from the website:  http://wwoof.net/
 A few of our Wwoofers had such a rewarding experience that they have returned to 
Daufuskie Island to be here permanently!


‚ÄčThe Daufuskie Community Farm and Artisan Village is staffed 100% with volunteers.  You too can help out & make a difference today!

Lynell Linke, on the left, transfers the farm reins to

Alissa Pontious

who will be the new Animal Manager

New Orchard Manager:

Darnell Brawner

inspects the first spring showing of

peach blossoms in the orchard. 

Mission & Vision

‚ÄčThe Daufuskie Community Farm is committed to bringing sustainable and organic farming to the community.  

The Artisan Village will provide a showcase for local artists and their work.

               Lynell Linke has been the animal manager for almost 5 years at the Daufuskie Community Farm.  As a totally volunteer position, she has overseen and participated in the care of the cows, goats, various poultry, and the general challenges that a farm presents.  She showed excellence and competence not only in the care of the animals but proved to be an exceptional woodworker and handy-woman as well.   When she decided to eventually move from the island in the future we began looking for someone to fill in the position.  Lynell and I decided that a "Wwoofer" (someone from the organization of World Wide Opportunity on Organic Farms) that would live on the farm would be best.  This will provide 24/7 coverage.

               September 2017 a young woman, Alissa Pontious arrived.  After three months at the farm Lynell and I agreed that she would be a good fit for the farm and Daufuskie.  All of our volunteers have enjoyed and benefited from working with Alissa.  She has Wwoofed in Hawaii, Illinois and worked 3 years on a 2000 goat farm in NC, where they milked 1400 goats a day. 

                In the meantime Lynell will continue to volunteer at the farm where she will remain a valued member of the farm team.  

                                                        Pat Beichler, GM                                         Daufuskie Community Farm


New Garden Managers!

Sharon and Dave Pulcini

Bill Crabtree

The Leadership

Pat Beichler
Founder & General Manager.